About AC Leak Freeze™

Do you have air conditioner problems and need a r22 leak sealer? If so, AC Leakfreeze™ is the refrigeration repair and air conditioning solution for you. AC Leakfreeze™ is the most dependable, system friendly, polymer free sealant available to HVAC service technicians for AC repair. Since the introduction of AC Leak Freeze™, HVAC service technicians have changed their approach to refrigerant gas leak repair and prevention. The industry leading, polymer free technology used to formulate AC Leak Freeze™ provides the safest, easiest and most reliable leak repair solution on the market today for refrigeration repair, residential air conditioning unit repair and commercial air conditioning repair. Our products are compatible with all of today’s refrigerants and oils. Whether a college dorm mini-fridge, or a commercial walk-in freezer, AC Leak Freeze™ is the only solution for safe, dependable leak repair.

The AC Leak Freeze™ family of products, including AC Leak Freeze™, AC Leak Freeze™-R and AC Leak Freeze™ with Magic Frost are for HVACR technicians and professional use only; and are available at HVACR wholesalers nation wide.