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About A/C Leak Freeze™


A/C Leak Freeze™ is new to the business of stopping leaks for commercial and home A/C systems. We are not however new to stopping leaks in air conditioning systems. We have successfully developed one of North America’s leading automotive A/C stop leak products.

When we heard from HVACR repair technicians that they were successfully using our automotive A/C stop leak for the non-automotive market, we knew we had another opportunity on our hands.

After much product development and optimization, we are pleased to offer A/C Leak Freeze™, and A/C Leak Freeze™ with Magic Frost. These HVACR reformulated products are for use in home and commercial air conditioners and cooling systems, as well as refrigeration systems. Applications range from college dorm mini-fridges to commercial kitchen walk-in freezers.

President’s Letter

The mission A/C Leak Freeze™ is to develop a strong working and mutually beneficial relationship with our distributors for they are the ambassadors of our outstanding products. Our commitment to educate and support our distributors ensures that they are strongly positioned to relay the features, benefits and positive impacts of our products to their clients.

Thank you,
Bill Rice
Founder and President
Universal Technologies Inc

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